Tulisan Untuk Palestina

Sekitar 3 tahun lalu, aku menulis tentang konflik Israel- Palestina. Semata karena didorong rasa kemanusiaan melihat penderitaan mereka yang kehilangan orang yang terkasih. Namun titik berat nya lebih ke bagaimana Palestina harus berjuang melawan penjajahan yang didiamkan dunia. Sesama Muslim itu bersaudara, begitu kata Nabi Muhammad SAW. Mungkin ini salah satu bentuk kecil kepeduliaan ku untuk mereka disana.

Palestinians’ Tears, it sounds spellbinding and that is the fittest phrase to delineate how Palestinian people live in this present times, when I was just a kid, I frequently heard about the conflict in the middle-east, I didn’t know which countries evolved within it. Finally I slowly put my concern to that catastrophic since I witness by my self the sufferance, homelessness, famine, and terrifying events experienced by refugees or the victim of the long-time war.

Little do I know about this conflict, but I feel worthy of telling others about what I know about it, by far, I read many books informing about this matter, watch a discovery movie and have a discussion with many people as well as consider my religion, Islam, explaining about this matter through the Holly Koran.

This long-time war involves Jews and Palestinians, by far, I know that when Prophet of Musa released Jews from Pharaoh Jail went through Red Sea after Musa’s miracle dividing the sea into two part leaving a wide gap to pass, and after that Musa led the Jews to the promised land as ALLAH.SWT defined, but the Jews themselves then rejected it, ALLAH.SWT got angry to them, they are really in a great zoolm then. They did not want to live in an adjacent life, though.

Because they found out that the land gifted to them was already inhabited by former residents, Arabs tribe, until finally they lived in nowhere, but they were spread through out the world. The promised land itself, Palestine, was a land inhabited by indigenous residents, the Arabs. Around 1920s, Palestine was occupied by England imperialist until finally the imperialist deprived their occupation period, an armed with this moment, the spread Jews were in a organized program to gather in one land, one place and established their own nation as they had ever been promised to make it, but may be they forget that once they were given that opportunity, they indeed rejected it.

But since many Jews successfully helped the England imperialist lobby many allies to stand with them, the imperialist made a new regulation then, before they revoked their occupation in Palestine, they allowed a number of Jews immigrants entered Palestine, but as the time passed, the number got more and more, Palestine became evicted from their own homeland. The situation just turned to be worse as Jews tried to invite all of the spread Jews through out the world to reside in Palestine, the program they called as Zionism, all Palestine people harshly rejected the massive migration to their homeland, in many ways, after all diplomacies had failed, the remaining choice was by violence.

Jews legitimated their action on behalf of their belief, to live in promised land. They conducted many ways in order to make all Jews live together there, migration waves came every year in massive numbers. they started to evict Palestinians, and Palestinians would not let it happened. They would not move out from where their were born, they maintained it. And from here, the chaos was just the thing. Palestinian people had no weapons to war, but Jews had. Before the war came out to be worse, in 1947, the united nations proposed a plan to partition Palestine and create a homeland for Jews people.

More than 50 years later, conflict between Jews and Palestinian is still unresolved and it is often marked by violence. Because Palestinian people thought the land divided belonged to them, they would not admit the establishment of Jews country, Israel. Meanwhile after getting approval about their homeland establishment, Israel didn’t feel satisfied, they keep enlarging the borders, the only thing they wanted was just one that was to vindicate Palestinians’ trace from the land. They bombed Palestinians’ settlement and other public spots there. Palestinian would not remain silent.

They did an effort to maintain their self-esteem, since they had no high-class weapon, they just threw bricks and rock debris to the Israelis, and in order to do recompense some Palestinians chose to commit suicide by self-bombing so close to the Israelis that they would die as the faithful departed and torture Israelis. All Palestinians’ effort are the way to maintain their homeland, because Israelis want to vanish them from the land, and this is just like an imperialism occurred in modern time, while there is no one even now.

Israel has sophisticated weapons sent by USA, UK to them. Whenever Israel do a bombing to Palestine, they said that they just do a self-defense because Palestinians people attacked them in advance. But the real things were not like that. The Palestinian people kept attacking them by throwing bricks and stones just in order to say to Israel that they don’t deserve to enlarge their territorial and make Palestinian refuge in the tents. But Israelis was helped by USA, UK and many others countries, Israelis can do a public lying by saying to the world that Palestinian people don’t want them to live there, in fact there was already an accord agreeing that Palestinian and Israel would live in adjacent life and Palestine went along with that. So that when Israel bombed Palestine, the world remain silent. But when the Palestine do the same, the world would say that the terrorist has to be punished.

Recently almost 400 people in Palestine died caused by bomb attack conducted by Israelis, and again the world just do nothing. USA which is known by police world still remains silent. But on behalf of brotherhood as a moslem I appealed to all of us to help Palestine on the way we can do, we can donate by transferring our money to account number 1010005557 to financially help Palestine. And don’t forget to pray for them, for their salvation amin…

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